Seed Planting Party April 16th!

Our Finch Arboretum Community Garden Plot!It may not look like much now, but in a few months this 250sq foot plot will be filled with plants seeking their potential and helping us reach our goals.We are so excited about this project and hope you are too. There are a few events coming up that we think you might enjoy (SEE BELOW), as well as opportunities to volunteer your time by collecting donations from local shops to help us meet our seed and soil needs. Below is a list of items we need for our Seed Planting Party & Potluck on April 16th. • Seed start trays and inserts X 12 (should hold 24-36 starts each)
• Bush beans (not pole beans)
• Zucchini
• Yellow summer squash
• Tomatoes – cherry & early girl
• Bell Peppers
• Carrots 
• Parsnips
• Chard
• Spinach
• Lettuce
• Basil – Italian
• Cucumbers – small pickling & lemon
• Snap peas
• Organic potting soil (No Miracle Grow Products) X 5 large bags
• Gardening Gloves
• Watering cans X 2
• Identification tags for pots
• Black or red Sharpie

If you have some of the listed items at home and are willing to donate them we will gladly accept!
If you would like to take a flyer to a local shop requesting any of our listed items, please contact Melody Price ( and we will email you a flyer which includes the Womans Club non-profit information. Also let us know when you collect anything so it can be removed from our list of needs.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Seed Planting Party & Potluck!

Monday, April 16th 4:30-6:30pm
Womans Cub Ballroom
1428 West 9th Ave 

We will be starting seeds that will go on to be planted at Finch Arboretum and Polly Judd in the weeks to come. 

Bring your organic seeds, donated list items and some snacks to share.

Raised Bed Building @ Polly Judd Park!

Saturday, April 28th 9am-12pm
Polly Judd Park
1802 West 14th Ave

Thanks to a generous donation from the Smith-Barbieri Progressive Fund will be building two raised beds at Poly Judd Park for this project.

Bring your shovels, wheel barrows, gloves and good vibes for building beds!

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