Happy Holidays & A Look Ahead at 2020

As the gardens have been put to bed, we begin setting our intention of abundance for the coming season. It all starts with an idea and a map (not always to scale) of how we would like to organize the planting for spring. We think about what did well where and what needs a bit more help. Which crops should we rotate and which areas should get a little extra nutrients? This is our way of continuing our commitment to the project and creating the bounty of spring by visualizing the plants during the dark, short days of winter. It’s a nice reminder that spring will be here before we know it, and we better be ready!

Exciting Changes for the CGA!

As of October 31st, we began the process of removing our association with the Woman’s Club. The decision was made collectively by the volunteers and will facilitate the growth of the CGA in a continued positive direction.

We are excited and encouraged by the possibilities that pursuing our own non-profit status will afford us. As we work on gathering our board of directors and refining our articles of incorporation we continue to strive to create a strong project with a steadfast goal of supporting our community by growing food for those in need.

A Request For Generosity In The Season Of Giving

Unfortunately not all decisions, regardless of their positive intentions, are viewed in the same light or by the same lens. We continue to wish the Woman’s Club the best in their future endeavors, however, the board of directors decided not to allow grant funds we raised during our 2019 season to follow the project. Although we are burdened by their decision, we are not discouraged.

We would like to extend a request to our community for help in reaching our seed and plant budget goals for our 2020 season.

We have updated our Amazon Wish List where you can find a variety of items we are looking for in order to get the gardens planted and protected.

We have also included a list of businesses below, where we order our seeds, sets, fencing, tools and goods from to ensure a prosperous season.

The links included will take you directly to a gift card option of your choice. If necessary, please use the shipping address at the bottom of this email.

High Mowing Seeds
Peaceful Valley
North 40
Northwest Seed & Pet
Huckleberry’s Natural Market
Ace Hardware

We are humbled and deeply grateful for the support the community has continued to show our hard working, heartfelt project.

Please feel free to forward this email to your friends and family.

With your help, we will continue to grow food, create access and feed the hungry in our community.

We Wish Everyone A Very Happy Holiday Season!

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