Garden Work Continues

Every season is different and this one is certainly no exception. I would like to personally thank all of our volunteers for their patience as we navigate the interesting ramifications of social distancing. I know that many of you were excited to work in the garden this spring, learning how we prepare, regenerate and plant.  It has been very hard turning you down.

Much of the early spring work can be done by a couple of people, which is why my husband and I have been taking care of much of the garden chores and preparations in order to keep everyone else safe.

We attended a wonderful webinar coordinated by the University of Idaho on community garden safety and will be implementing their suggestions in the weeks to come. Volunteer activities will resume (most likely early June), but right now we are working on a plan to achieve both efficiency and safety. 

We understand this has been a challenging time for many in our community and we are working hard to ensure the safety of our volunteers, recipients and our gardens. 

In order to limit human contact while continuing to provide our community with fresh, organic produce at no charge, we will be doing things a little differently this season.

  • Produce will be straight from the garden to our recipients. As per University of Idaho recommendations, we will not be washing harvested produce. Produce should be washed at home by recipients.
  • To limit travel and further exposure, pick ups will be at one of the garden locations
  • Volunteer activities will be limited to 4 volunteers at a time working in zones.
  • Lunch service during pick up will be suspended for this season.

Amidst the challenges that new safety guidelines pose, we are looking forward to sharing an abundant season with all of you!

Other CGA News

Although this season has brought many obstacles, we continue to be humbled and inspired by the support of the Spokane community.

Earlier this year we received an extremely generous offer from a community member to pay for our entire seed budget this season. Because of this incredible donation, we were able to order our seeds in January. This allowed us to have our supply long before there were shortages and shipping delays caused by the current health crisis. 

Many of you donated gift cards and ordered from our Amazon Wish List, which has been unbelievably helpful in making this season possible. We are grateful for the outpouring of generosity from each and every one of you.  

Thank you J & K and the greater Spokane community for your kindness, generosity and continued support.

Garden Update

The plot at New School Farm got a shiny new set of irrigation lines, just in time for planting in the coming days.

Polly Judd raised beds were upgraded with livestock fencing for our climbing veggies to run wild. You can see overwintered garlic (planted last October) in the closest bed. Garlic will be ready for harvest in early July.

Greenhouse starts are going strong! These guys will be planted at all of the gardens in the coming weeks.

New Website In The Works

We are very fortunate to have some extremely talented volunteers who donate their time to the many different aspects of this project.

In the coming months we look forward to everyone having access to resource links, a look at our community sponsors, recipes, ways to donate and volunteer opportunities.

Visit the work in progress at

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